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Counselling Skills Level II Award


Welcome to this Open Educational Resource (OER) designed to support the learning of students taking the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body  (CPCAB) Counselling Skills Level 2 Award led by John Marsden at The University Centre at Blackburn College. It provides both a short introduction to counselling skills and a 'taster' for those considering counsellor training.

The course is designed to develop your listening skills so you can become even more effective at helping others. The course is also an opportunity to learn more about counselling so you can decide whether or not counselling is a career path you might wish to follow. The skills you’ll learn on this course will enhance your relationships with others, increase your employability and develop your confidence. Certainly the course is intend to be enjoyable and the learning effective. Welcome aboard!

Below you will find your Student Guide, which tells you everything you need to know about the course, what you will learn and how your learning will be assessed.

The course is assessed by learners submitting a portfolio of evidence meeting the CPCAB's criteria, set out in the following document:

CPCAB Level 2 Counselling Award Criteria

Session One

Session Two

In this video, course facilitator, John Marsden, talks about the Reflective Journal

Handout: The Qualities of Good Listening

Worksheet: Listening Skills Self Assessment

Session Three

In this video your co-facilitator, John Marsden, talks about building rapport.

Handout: Minimum Helping Contract

Worksheet: Improving My Listening Environment

Handout: Building Rapport

Session Five

The following YouTube video shows Carl Rogers, the founder of Person Centred Counselling, with his client Gloria. This is a truly excellent example of the reflective style, staying with the client's frame of reference, without judging or fixing, and with only one question throughout the whole session.

Handout: Paraphrasing and Reflecting Feelings

Worksheet: Reflective Journal Peer Feedback

Worksheet: Role Play Feedback Sheet (Two)

Session Seven

In this video Carl Rogers talks about his approach to counselling

Worksheet: Family Rules

Handout: Core Conditions

Worksheet: Empathy and Sympathy

Session Ten

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