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Thursday, 25 August 2011

John's Top Android Apps

I love studying so I have set up my phone to support my learning. Thanks to the number of programs that sync across devices I can organise information, process and share documents like never before.


Enables you to organise notes, projects and cuttings from the Web. It syncs with your laptop and PC and saves all your work onto the cloud. I keep a daily journal, take notes on the books I'm reading and work on my writing projects, all accessible from any device. I can even take a photo or make voice memos. My favourite app.


Fantastic envelope budgeting software to manage a household budget. You can create up to 10 envelopes with cash in. Record what you spend and it deducts the amount from your envelopes and tells you if your budget is on track or if you have over spent.


The best to-do list app for Android- and I've tried lots of them. It lets me create and name multiple task lists, enables me to set the priority and due date. I have it as a widget on my HTC Sensation. It also syncs with Google Tasks but I haven't been successful as yet.


A great music player if you can't get used to playlists. Keep your mp3s in folders as God intended. Drag them from your PC into your phone's music folder and Folder Play will play the contents of each folder or any individual tracks therein. Simplicity!


The notebook app for me. Easy to use: type up notes, lists and memos then share them with other apps including Evernote. Think I paid a couple of quid, but I appreciate it's uncluttered and simple to use interface.


Superb program that enables you to share large files across several devices. If you are working on a report put the document in Dropbox and you have it available on your laptop, phone and PC. Work on the report, put it back in Dropbox and it updates the document on all your other devices automatically, so you are always working on the latest version. I can also put a document in Dropbox and then send my students a web link so they can go and download it to their desktops


Allows you take pictures of a document or book page by page, it then assembles all your pages in order and creates a PDF out of them just like a mini photocopier. Great to have on your phone when in the library


This dictionary costs a few quid but is an excellent tool. Download the database so you can look up words and synonyms without a connection to the Web. I access it all the time and its detailed definitions are a great help.


Sets off an alarm at a time and date of your choosing so you don't forget important stuff.


Free to install and has a wider choice of books than the pre-installed reader on my HTC phone.


Allows me to count down the days until the next assignment deadline.

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