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Sunday, 3 February 2013

American Counselling Association Podcasts: Gestalt Therapy

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The American Counselling Association have published a great series of podcasts, on a range of counselling related topics. You can check them out here:


I'm making my way through them, and the first one to really grab me is Jon Frew talking to Rebecca Daniel-Burke about Gelstalt therapy. He isn't too complimentary about the showmanship of Fritz Perls, the man usually credited with the creation of the Gestalt approach. Instead Frew gives much of the credit for the development of Gestalt therapy to Laura Perls, the wife of the much more famous Fritz. So this is a great interview and very informative about the history and the  contemporary practice of Gestalt therapy
According to the American Counselling Association Website, Dr Jon Frew is in private practice in Vancouver, Washington, and is a Professor at Pacific University School of Professional Psychology. He completed the three-year Post Graduate Training Program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland in 1981. He has conducted workshops and led training groups in the United States, Canada, and Australia. He is the author of numerous articles on Gestalt therapy, theory, and practice, and is on the editorial board of the journal Gestalt Review.
Running time: 54:45
Date Recorded: 01/24/2012


  1. Hi John
    It sounds really interesting, however, it won't let me listen to the podcast without me joining the ACA which will cost. Are you a member?

  2. Hello Amanda,

    No I am not a member of the ACA. I have been listening to these podcasts on iTunes. Here is the link, which you might have to paste into your browser:

    I'm downloading them to play on my smart phone. I then go and copy the details of each podcast from the ACA Website. Good luck!